Assignment 3 for Rendering with Vue online paper at Unitec 2013.
Subject matter: Animation

Stormy City Lane

I wanted to play around a little more with lighting in this assignment and as such decided to do a series of night time shots in an enclosed setting for my animation. I also wanted to get to know the rain function a little better and therefore a stormy narrow city lane seemed like a good scene to play around with these elements.
The first render I wanted the lights to flicker on and off and water to start pooling on the road surface. My first render of this was far too dark and the water came on too fast so had to re-render with better lighting and less animation on the water. The lights are simply animated from 0-5 power over a fraction of a second to have them flicker. The camera move here is very slow, with more rotation than actual forward motion key framed, as to not overwhelm what else is happening in the scene.
The second shot I attempted to do an animated texture on the wall. I wanted to create the appearance of water streaming off the wall and down into the lane below, increasing in length over time. To do this I animated a change in the altitude affecting the appearance of a mixed material. In order to get a streamy effect I set the smooth transition strip to 100% and elongated the water material in the x and z axis. However, again the scene illumination was not quite correct and also there is too much blue in the water material.
The third and final shot I wanted to animate a few objects and try out a ventilator. I attached two ventilators to the rear of the car model and had the car animated to slide and bank around a corner then speed away. The car animation was really fun and getting the car to skid out and have a bit of body roll was fiddly but rewarding. However, I had less success with the ventilators. Even though they were at a very low power of 2 with 200% falloff and 70-80 degrees spread they still move the trees in a very un-lifelike way. Unfortunately I was unable to keep playing with this to improve the tree movement as I ran out of time. However, I did also have fun making the bike in the scene fall over after the car passes, simply by animating the start and finish positions I wanted into key frames and playing around with the timing of this animation until it looked right.
As you can tell the last sequence has a lot higher image quality than the previous shots, this is the one that I re-rendered last and by that stage had a better handle on rendering out an animation. Still took 17 hours to render though!


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