Video Arte

00:06:24:11 (2012) Russell J. Chartier, video
Paul J. Botelho, music
The video component of the piece—created using varying frame rates, aspect ratios and speeds— explores the inherent flaws and artifacts of video. Different encoded versions of the video (NTSC, PAL, and SECAM) were overlaid so that experience of the piece is intrinsic to the locale where it is viewed. Video segments, originally shot on June 24, 2011, were distorted through disrupted satellite transmissions, rescanned images, and digital and analog feedback resulting in much of the underlying tapestry of work. The piece stands as an homage to the video medium.
The audio component of the work is composed of transformed vocal, piano, and viola da gamba recordings which through a software algorithm, authored by the composer, were fragmented into stochastic rhythmic patterns that were collaged together along with other transformed sounds to create the piece.
An important aspect of the collaboration between Russell J. Chartier and Paul J. Botelho is the principle of synchronicity. The video artist and the composer never work directly with one another’s work during the collaboration. Only the specific duration of the piece is agreed upon and no other communication in regard to the work is made during the collaboration. Solely upon the completion of both the video and music components is the work realized. The artists call this process a collective subconscious, a term which refers not only to the exclusionary creative actions which take place in their collaborative effort, but more broadly as the commonality that permeates betwixt the artists and those close to them.


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