From Still to Motion

Forgive me for putting this up so late. I'M SORRY OK!
I have a tendency to complete a project, have it edited, and then consider it done to myself but not put it up anywhere.

I made myself get more organized and finished this bad boy off, and several other projects.

This is a performance by the Telluride Choral Society off "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles. As soon as they sang the first couple notes I knew it was going to be special. Documenting began immediately.

- - -

I've been trying to find film burns for weeks now and finally got a hold of some. This was my first experiment with them. They add a total new dimension to editing. I love it. But I've got to be careful because they're very overused, like dolly shots, maybe one or two in a piece makes it that much more powerful.

Also I borrowed by buddie's 50 1.8 a few days before I shot this and then hung onto it, hehe, was an experiment shooting with it...and i'm in love. Now I have one for myself. DOP forever!


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