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Video for the Berlin Civil Society Center event “Global Perspectives 2011”, in collaboration with The Value Web.

The Global Power Shift – How the Rise of New Economic Powers Affects Civil Society Organisations

The third Global Perspectives conference focused on how the rise of emerging economies will affect international civil society organisations (ICSOs), and how they may respond to this global shift in power.
Emerging economies such as China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil and South Korea are increasingly shaping the world’s economy and politics, and with their rise a new paradigm is emerging in which traditional powers no longer set the agenda for the rest of the world. In an increasingly complex and multi-dimensional world, the ability of ICSOs to adapt quickly and efficiently will be essential. In order to remain relevant, effective and influential in their work at local, national and global levels, ICSOs will need to review and revise many aspects of their work.


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