Canon T2i (550D)

An impromptu photo shoot. 70 photos in 51 seconds.
Anna is the editor of a knitting magazine.

First photos taken with Canon 550D (T2i), 50mm f1.4, indoor, available light. Untouched photos, straight from camera.

I used to take photos with a Leica snapshot camera. It was good, but it was very noisy in low light, ie. indoors. And the background was always in focus. Always.

Once I started using an HV30 video camera with a 35mm lens adaptor, I stopped taking photos. I decided I'd rather have video stills with controllable depth of field, even if they were half the resolution.

I recently bought the Canon 550D (T2i) for video. It's an amazing video camera. I wasn't planning on taking photos. These are literally the 1st photos I've shot with it.

Wow. My video camera does photos too! Amazing.


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