Canon T2i (550D)

I created a new site called When I learning something new I will create short videos like this one and share them here and on my new site. The site is for people like me that are making the transition from point and shoot video camera to a DSLR. I plan on sharing all the mistakes I make.

This is my very first video with the T2i. I am totally new to DSLR video.

50mm 1.8 prime
Internal mic on camera
1/50 shutter speed
f 2.8
ISO 200
Check out all the setting from the Flickr picture below on the right.

The audio kind of sucks because the Rode mic I order has not come in yet.

When I purchased the domain name yesterday I didn't release until later that Philip Bloom owns a domain very similar. Hope that my new domain is OK with Philip, I really don't want to make him upset since I have learned so much from him. :)

I love comments, if you see me doing something that I could do better let me know! All comments welcome.


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