Canon T2i (550D)


A short biographic piece showcasing my interests, personality and hobbies. Created for a second year assignment at Staffordshire University studying (BSc) Film Production Technology.

The video portrays myself as a person, in a kind of experimental film way. It details a few of my likes, interests and hobbies, as well as how I am as a person. The childhood imagery or flashbacks symbolize how at heart I am still a child, so the repetition of these shots re-occurring emphasizes this.

For the project we were not allowed to show ourselves, any family members, or any locations specific to us. So, I adopted a POV camera style to give the impression that's what is seen from my eyes.

As for sound, I chose to keep with the experimental idea, and only allow the audience to hear select sounds from whatever environment I was in, whether this is birdsong, the unzipping of a golf bag, or geese at a pond. I feel this worked especially well, as it gave the final product an overall dream like effect.

Canon 550D w/ 18-55mm kit lens

Final Cut Pro 7

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