Canon T2i (550D)

Earlier this year Pompey Snow took place in the British Universities Indoor Snow Championships or BUISC as its commonly known. the tournament was a day full of racing and freestyle competitions along with a live DJ competitors included our own handsome race team as well as other uni's who came from all over the land to compete.

What more could you want?... i hear you ask. Well i'll be the first to admit that there is the possibility that the day could have been made ever so slightly more exciting through the use of hot tubs, endless supplies of whip cream combined with a mixture of mischievous souls with open minds, loose morals and broad imaginations!

But oh well, lets be honest here couldn't everything in life be made better by that? so despite these minor qualms the tournament was a pleasure to attend and no doubt we'll be back next year, with or without copious amounts of whip cream and an ever growing lack of morality.


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