Canon T2i (550D)

Alrighty, day three of testing the Canon 550D T2i. After another rainy day here in the Bay Area, the clouds broke apart nicely so I decided to take a nice leisurely drive up to the Sutro Baths. I know Mr. Bloom recently did an excellent piece here but I felt like a few more wide shots would of been nice to truly grasp the beauty of Sutro Baths. So for this piece, I decided to shoot exclusively on my 17-40mm f4L.

Again, very happy with the performance of the 550D T2i but I was a little disappointed with the battery life. I went out there with a fully charged battery but only after a little over an hour, the battery icon turned red and the camera automatically shut off. Granted, I never turned the camera off the whole time I was there but still. I could shoot a couple hours with my 7D and 5DM2 without a problem.

Music from "The Fountain" by Clint Mansell

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