Canon T2i (550D)

Turn around Time! Ughhhh. The end of last year wasn’t pretty. A client recently said to me “There’s always enough time to do something twice, but never enough to do it right in the first place.” Truer words have never been spoken. As much as I pull my hair out worrying and fretting about how long its taking me to complete a project – I constantly remind myself that the quality of the final outcome is what really matters. You learn really quick in this business that rushing through an edit always ends up creating you more work in the long run. (or a bad product). And its really important to me and hopefully all of my clients that I do the absolute best job I can every outing.
Officiants dictating where I can shoot from inside Ceremony venues was never an issue until Jase and Laura’s wedding. Including theirs – I’ve had at least 8 weddings since where I have been relegated to shooting from the outer realms of venue. Its incredibly limiting in the material your able to acquire. No close ups of vows/declarations – no rings – and all your shot angles come from the exact same place – off to the left. So the grooms entire family barely get picked up. I get it. I’m sure there’s some really awful videographers out there that are incredibly obtrusive parked permanently up at the front its unfortunate that it ends up creating consequences for everyone else.

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Seaton Parish. Newmarket ON
Reception: Paradise Banquet Hall. Vaughn ON
Photography: Piper Studios
Photo Location: Newmarket ON

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