Thinking Particles

Software: 3DS Max, Thinking Particles, Demolition Master, AfterEffects, RSMB

My Favourite FX film is Battleship I love the work by ILM, Scanline and The Embassy. My plan was to re create the shot where the Shredders burst through the Pavelow CH-53 Helicopters. But as I don't have a model of one and can't find one I used a model of a US Army Humvee, which I downloaded from The amazing Shredder model is by John Mesplay.

I used Demolition Master which is an amazing plugin that works with Thinking Particles. I am currently using a TP 5 Learning Editon License I bought from some site on the internet.

I took all morning to get the smashing, tearing look right. I had to use Proxy Mesh for the collision of the Shredder as the Shredder mesh in around half a million poly's! I don't know the render time as I was reading Cinefex and then got distracted! I used RSMB in After Effects for Motion Blur.

Next step would be to use Fume FX for the impact fuel explosion.

I hope you Like it!


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