Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Spanish artist Laguna enchanted us all with that beautiful artwork he painted onto the large wall of a car park near Friesenplatz. Towering over the busy traffic rolling along Magnusstraße, two dreamers face each other in a dazzling caleidoscope of powerful colours. With his bright counterpoint in that otherwise unspectacular spot of Cologne, Laguna created an enigmatic invitation to dream oneself away. See him working on his massive wall and listen what he has to tell us about his art, dreams and the surrealism of the everyday.

Miles Bonny
- "learning to fly"
- "salmon steaks"


Jan Simon Krüger

camera operator:
Manuel Ernst

interview & translation:
Georg Barringhaus

produced by
oemer mutlu | facebook.com/namugrafie

for more information check:


j vimeo.com/32039627

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