Environmental Social Consciousness

The emission of CO2 by the use of oil and gas as energy sources is causing the so-called 'Greenhouse Effect'. The effect is climate change. The earth warms, more drought, less arable land and the ice melts causing floods and storms.
Fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) can and should be replaced by renewable energy sources and clean. The technology is sufficiently developed for widespread use. What we would, within decades, have a better future.
The oil interests and the purchase of politicians do not allow the state to invest in solar and wind technology as an energy source. An example is the investment of 40 million dollars for the pipeline from Bolivia to Buenos Aires. This work is so stupid that not only makes us dependent on Bolivia, if the gas ran out in 2030.
It promotes the use of coal and the country's economic dependence on other states. Today more than ever, we must reclaim Argentine politicians who promote the use of renewable energy.

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