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____VFX Shot Breakdown____

• Audi Humming Bird │The Mill│Commercial • Modelling & Texturing

• World War Z │Moving Picture Company │Feature Film • Character Modelling (clothe sim) & Texturing (zBrush) for crowd

• 300 Rise of An Empire │Moving Picture Company │Feature Film • Character Modelling & zBrush for crowd

• Skyfall │Moving Picture Company│Feature Film • Vehicle Modelling (matching miniature)

• A Monster In Paris │EuropaCorp│Animation Film • Lead Modeller

• Rainbow Six Patriots │The Mill│Game Cinematic • Character Modelling (clothe sim) & Texturing (zBrush)

• Peugeot Motion & Emotion │Mikros Image│Commercial • Vehicle Modelling & Texturing

• The Stone Council│Duran Duboi│Feature Film • Creature Modelling (zBrush) & Texturing

• Guinness - Some Are Made Of More │The Mill │Commercial • Character Modelling & zBrush for crowd

• Winamax Poker │Mikros Image │Commercial • Creature Modelling (zBrush)


All footage in this showreel are for promotional purposes only. All images and clips copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.


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