I won't lie. This film is designed to bring you to the edge and back. Is it graphic? Does it cross the line? Does it keep going while you stare at the line it crossed? Are you brave enough to look at the footage I've assembled and bare witness to the birth of a new kind of film-going experience? Ladies and gentlemen, if you're still reading then your answers don't matter because, above all else, you clearly have time so what do you care?

Can't vote me an Academy Reward nomination? That's okay - we'll be square if you text 27722, text KIDS and automatically donate ten bucks from your phone bill to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, pioneers of the first infant heart transplant (well over 2000 lives saved at LLUCH alone!).

Help keep LLUCH on the cutting edge of research while keeping their pledge to never, EVER turn away any child in need. Ever.

Have a heart, help give one.

Craig Bierko (and Boo, too)

j vimeo.com/66981327

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