I asked my physicist friend Daniel Or to explain the possibilty of time travel in Einstein's Relativity Theory, while walking down Sheinkin Street in Tel Aviv.

I shot and edited this film on Dec. 7th 2010 for the Vimeo Weekend Project: 20 Steps.

This is the HD version, with some subtitles to help with the physics...

We started the first shot at the corner of Rothshild Blvd. and Sheinkin, and walked down Sheinkin, 20 steps at a time. We stopped every 20 steps and shot a chapter of the story we wrote.

The film is made of 20 shots, each one a complete unedited shot.
The music is made of my own compositions.

We shot with my Sony NEX-5, with some tripod shots and others using my DIY rig.
Lenses used were the 18-55 kit lens, Helios 58mm, Jupiter 85mm and a Vivitar 24mm with a wide angle adapter.
I edited in FCP.

We had a great time making the film under the rules of the competition and the lack of time.

I hope you enjoy it and learn some physics, I did!

Izhar Ashdot

P.S. If you like this, please share or embed.


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