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With a 40% market share, is one of the largest news sites in the Netherlands. So when they restyle their website, they take their time and want to make sure their visitors understand what has changed.

Crooked Line was asked to explain in about 30 seconds what and why changed in their new layout.
We wanted to make a sort of abstraction of the site. Not showing too many details, but just showing what changed and leave the rest.

To achieve this Crooked Line choose a cutout cardboard visualisation. Everything got a DIY feeling. The computer screens are made out of cardboard, the website and texts are all strips of cardboard. Even the logo is made out of pieces of cutout cardboard.

Everything is very recognizable, but not super detailed, so you automatically focus on the main changes and not the details.


Direction, Art-Direction & Animation
Menno Endt

Design & Animation
Christian Karlsson

Music & Sound Effects
Daan Hendriks

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