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After a spell of bad weather Colt and Jessee soak up some spring sunshine in Santa Barbara, CA before heading upward and onward into Oregon. The pair kicks up some dust and even a little snow in Bend, OR then head out to Lyons, OR to check out the lush freeride area in Shellburg Falls and end this round of Oregon riding with the much awaited Black Rock Trails in Falls City, OR. Amongst waning days of June, the twosome start their Washington riding on the often muddy, rooted slopes of Port Angeles.

This webisode series features the best downhill and freeride mountain bike locations throughout North America.

For more information and photos of these riding destinations please visit:

Santa Barbara, CA: Colt Maule, Damon Jackson Williams.
Bend, OR: Colt Maule, Rich Grandzol.
Lyons, OR: Jessee Maule.
Falls City, OR: Colt Maule.
Port Angeles, WA: Colt Maule.

Production Company: eXposureTheory (
Director: Colt Maule
Camera Operator: Colt Maule, Jessee Maule
Editor: Colt Maule


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