Action Sports Filmmaking

The best days start off simple, Precipitation in the form of Crystalline water ice,
Reward yourself. Consider some mystery meat, packed into a sheep casing, blanketed in cornbread, and dropped in a vat of oil at 175 degrees. batter, dip, and repeat, I say. Can't get enough of that meaty goodness. For some days we wish we'd had all the time in the world, instead it's only six months.

So secure a stretch for fun and games and hold down the fort. Cause I hear there's a storm moving in, and Lee's just dropped a whole 'nother fresh batch of Corndogs! Raise your guns and represent the Northwest. And keep the transient times homespun where fat powder sprays. Eestablish all the good days, there's camaraderie to be had. Pack a corndog for the sessions that really matter. For this was the winter of 2008, and these are the Corn Dog Diaries.. Just another daaaaayyy.

Filmed by:

Tom Aaron, Scott Engel, Jon Pulling, Geoff Peelers, Matt Glenovich and more.
Edited/Produced by:
Jon Pulling & Tom Aaron
Logo, Graphics and Titles:
Matt Glenovich


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