5D Mark III

My Magic Lantern 5Dmk3 hack review

Ok, so i put the ML RAW hack on my mk3 yesterday, yes, it’s still alive and kicking. Went down to a local lake and shot some random stuff handheld. My footage is somewhat very underexposed and I dont know where I went wrong, but the finished footage somewhat left me underwhelmed.

The workflow was arduous, partly because I was faffing about in the dark at the start, but i think it gets better once you know what you are doing. Shooting RAW isn’t for every project, it’s great if you need to correct mistakes in post or if you want that extra level of detail/resolution.

I had to use warp stabilizer on 98% of the shots in the clip, I think that introduced some artifacts into the image.

Like I said, I’ll have to shoot something else, when it’s sunny or maybe some skin tones to really test this. Grading RAW footage is hard, just because the possibilities are endless so you have more chances of doing the wrong thing.

Overall, I’m happy with the hack, just because I’ve seen other people’s footage. I’ll get better, just need more practice and an interesting subject :)

Shot on Tamron 24-70 (with Tiffen ND filter); amazing lens btw!

j vimeo.com/72576634

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