Canon 5d Mark III

This clip was supposed as an short test for my handheld rig. You can see the photos at the right handside. It is based on a hangrip shoulder rig and was inspired by some photos i saw during the making of of the feature film "act of valor". It worked out great as the external screen helped a lot to get the right framing. I used Magic Lantern third Alpha for the 5D Mark III. Love it!

Everything in this clip was shot handheld i tried to get the pictures as stable as i could. For this reason i used the Canon 24-105 L with IS. A Hoya ND Filter was mounted on the lens so i was able to shoot most scenes with an aperture between f4.0 and f5.6.

Edited in Adobe Premiere CS6. A color correction and grade was added within After Effects.

Music: Luke Neumann Freebie - Edge of Reason


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