Time is one of, if not the most valuable thing we have. We only have a limited amount of it and will never know when we will run out. A lot of people waste time not knowing how precious it really is.

During 2012 i decided to spend my time to take on a project like nothing i have tried before. Something that i hope will show people how quickly time lapses.

Being new to the world of timelapse it was a slow start teaching myself the art of time lapse and learning how to create the amazing videos i have seen on Vimeo and on the net. Little did i know how much time and effort it really takes to create just 10 seconds of footage.

This project goes out to my late Canon 5D2, he drowned on the front line while shooting the moon next to the ocean, seen at 1:30... I miss you Bruce...

This project has taken me one year to complete, hundreds of hours of shooting and editing...
Over 80,000 photos were taken for this project.

The majority of the footage seen in this video was taken in Sydney, Australia.

Cameras used :
Canon 400d
Canon 450d
Canon 5d mk2
Canon 5d mk3

Music: Daft Punk

I have also made an extended version that depending on the response i may or may not upload.

j vimeo.com/58354520

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