This was one unique wedding, none like how we've seen before. Because this wedding was held in Trondheim Norway, a city with only 180,000 people, the wedding vendors are really limited. It's mostly a do it your self kinda place. From the bouquets, church decoration, food, reception back drop and decor all came into place in the wedding by family members and friends who took time to help out. We're talking about family members who actually sewed together the back drop for the reception; how cool is that? That's what it leads to when you don't have established wedding vendors to provide you with a variety of services.
In the end, everything worked out perfectly, Darshiny and Gnanam were able to have that close intimate wedding with their loved ones. Norway is a beautifu1 country and we were lucky to have filmed a wedding there.

Enjoy the video!

j vimeo.com/61981377

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