This piece was shot as an assignment on a two-day workshop held by the great Philip Bloom in the Dominican Republic. We could choose between three locations on the building where we were: a library, a radio station and a film studio/cutting room. I chose the radio station. We had an hour and a half to shoot a 30” piece that we then had to edit overnight.
When I saw four microphones on moving arms I immediately thought: “stop motion”. And hour and 100 stills later I thought “I’m never going to finish this on time” so I started doing beauty shots of buttons, faders and VU meters with my 100mm Canon EF Macro.
Then I took it all back home and there it was like “What the heck I’m going to do with this? I have footage for two unrelated and incomplete stories!”
After I got the stop motion bit going I though that the piece was obviously an horror flick so I forgot about using the beauty shots in all of their glory and went for a disturbing, edgy edit, extreme color grading and sound design. Six hours later, I was pleased with the results and went to sleep (at 3 o clock in the morning!)
Next morning I screened the piece, Philip loved it and so did my colleagues who gave me the biggest heartfelt ovation of the morning. Wonderful experience!

Shot on a Canon 5D Mk III
Canon EF 16mm-35mm
Canon EF 100 mm Macro
Available Light
Konova Skate Dolly
Zacuto Rig
Edited in Adobe Premiere CS6
Stop Motion and Titles were put together in After Effects CS6
Color Graded with Magic Bullet Looks
Music Licensed by The Music Bed
Sound Design by "me" using various sources of library sounds and foley fx.


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