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So this is the end of another year of 5x5s. What a hell of a year it's been, eh?

What I'm about to say is quite possibly both the most cliché thing and the most honest thing I've said in any of my descriptions all year: 2012 was the best and the worst year of my life. I could go into a rambling description about why I say this but I'd rather let the 5x5s I've made, many of which contain their own descriptions, speak for themselves. If you're reading this and watching this 366th 5x5 of 2012 (my 877th 5x5 since my first one back in 2009), hopefully you already know where I'm coming from.

For old times' sake, since I really don't see myself ever choosing to do this project again for a variety of reasons, here's a classic breakdown of today's scenes:

1. I seemed to have a multitude of scenes with me driving, particularly in the latter part of my year. The clouds looked pretty cool for a winter's day today on my way to get some food so it seemed fitting to have one last scene of me driving.
2. This year saw me using two different cameras to recorded everything I shot. This scene didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it but I hope you get the idea. I've said that a lot this year. To my Flip and iPhone 4, thanks for always being there for me!
3. My most watched video this year, and one of the 5x5s I'm most proud of creating, was the one I made on July 13th (vimeo.com/45797833). This scene highlights that by showing my mug, which people have told me they have enjoyed seeing in various scenes, in a similar way that I did in that 5x5. It also contains one second snippets from my five most played songs of the year according to Last.fm (last.fm/user/imsvsims).
4. Being a weirdo and celebrating my completion of another year of daily 5x5s with a little cake. (Like how the candle didn't want to go out? That's how the year feels so it was kinna funny that that happened.) I might not have thousands of viewers (but I'm grateful for any and all that I do have), I may not have uploaded my videos in a timely fashion this year (this one included), and I may not have moved Vimeo's needle enough or be cool enough for them to recognize me and this project but, in the end, I'm still damn proud of what I've accomplished.
5. Counting down to the New Year! Sitting in the living room at my parents' house isn't how I planned or expected to ring in 2013 but, after all, only a few things in 2012 went as planned so I shouldn't be too surprised.

The very end of this 5x5 went through nearly 10 different iterations before I settled on this version. To the two dudes that helped me decide on this ending and who have also helped me tremendously with this project and life at different times this year, thank you.

One last thing: As I said a year ago, from the bottom of my heart, to anyone that has watched, liked, or commented on any or all of my 5x5s this past year, for anyone that has encouraged me, sent kind thoughts my way, helped me get my Plus account, and/or actually just simply noticed me and what I was doing, thank you.

Here's to an epic 2013.

j vimeo.com/56836536

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