This was my entry for the Cambridge Super 8 Challenge, where each participant was given 1 roll of super 8 film to make a film with. There would be no editing, everything had to be shot in sequence and 'editied in camera'. The theme was 'The Olympics 2012' You could choose any subject that had some relation to the Olympics or sports in genegral. We were encouraged to be creative with the brief. I made a film about my wife and a knee injury that she sustained whilst skiing. I then sent the exposed film and an audio file for the soundtrack back to Cambridge Super 8. I did not get to see the result as that was part of the challenge! You sent the exposed film without getting to see it!The film was screened at the Cambridge Big Weekend in July. A clip from the soundtrack to this film was played on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as part of the Sue Dougan show. I did not get to see the film until after the screening!
I shot this film with a Canon 1014xl-s super 8 camera which had a modified 'widened' film gate - the reulting aspect ratio is approx 1:1.618 - and this is the full exposed image area that you see here.


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