Here's footage I shot in Phnom Penh during the annual Water Festival, when everyone from all around Cambodia converges on the capital for the week. The military sets up a number of "Checkpoints" on all major roads going into the city which function as bribe stations, and you can see our bus driver paying the bribes in a short sequence in this film. I didn't make it completely obvious I was filming.

The last part of this film is footage from a visit to Tuol Sleng, the notorious S-21 prison where the Pol Pot regime murdered tens of thousands of political prisoners. It was a harrowing visit, you can almost feel the ghosts there. I placed a Khmer buddhist chant as the soundtrack.

Music by order of appearance:
Cambodia radio field recordings
Richard H. Kirk - "Worldwar Three"
LA Vampires Goes Ital - "Streetwise"
Sublime Frequencies - Various radio clips
Khmer Monks - Dharma Chant


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