Short test directly recorded to the CMOS on the 5D MK2. Work in progress.

Circa 1971

Eumig projector / 8mm & Super 8mm. Projector lamp replaced by an old torches 4 LED head unit, taped up to an 6v DC line from and old telephone. I previously used a Luxon Star LED with dimmer/driver but this has ceased function.

To control the light output I used a Lee 216 diffusor and a .9 ND gel. It's works best with a boost from ISO where necessary. Very little light is needed for the sensor to pick up an image.

Projector placed on edge of the table, 5DMK2 mounted on sticks. Light bleed controlled with a couple of extension tubes, as no lens in used on the 5DMK2 it's projected directly on the CMOS.

Would be great to have a custom short throw lens produced for flatness.

I have also been using the 550D, with great results. As the sensor is smaller I can get a tighter crop on the chip. Here are some grabs from the 550D footage -

There is some slight flicker due to the internal shutters blades, this could be modified at a later date but the lens/image quality takes priority.

The tricky bit is to focus on the emulsion grain rather than the scratches.


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