Raw footage for Recoherence. Recoherence is my final project for a Super 8 class.
Shot on Kodak Color Vision 3 200T and 500T color negative film.
Used a Leicina Special for almost all of the indoor scenes, a Nizo Professional for the time-lapse footage, and a Canon 1014 AE for the landscape shots.
Film was processed by Alpha Cine in Seattle. The film transfer was done by Cinelicious in Los Angeles. Transfered at 1080/24P to Apple Prores 4444.
Final cut coming soon.

Dante Cerda-Walker
USA, 2012, Super 8

Recoherence is a journey to the depths of madness and despair in the face of an ineffable reality. A brilliant man is thrust into an inescapable hell as he experiences the recoherence of reality.


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