VG24BMC 5 edit by Syeahskate from Athens, Greece

Shot, Processed and Cut by Nick Kouros

Skating by : Giorgos Mitropulos, Odiseas Selelmazidis, Argiris Pantazaras, Nikos Diakumeas, Andreas Tsamtsouris, George Saradoulias, Nikos Anastasiadis, Manolis Papakostas, Kostas Prasas

Shot on Super8 film
Cameras used: Nizo - 156 / 481 / 561 / PRO , Canon - 310 / 514 , Nikon - R8
Film Stock: Kodak - 7280 / 7285 / 7265 / 7266 / 7219, Wittner - PanR100 / B&W 54 / Chrome V50
Hand Processed using a Lomo tank (E6 process)
DIY telecine using a projector to camera sensor method
Extra processing by Andec Filmtechnik, Berlin
Recorded sound with a Zoom H4n

Shot in Athens & Volos, Greece and Montreal, Canada

This edit also serves as a teaser to our upcoming film, SYEAHV, coming not so soon in your eyepussies!!666

Track : Electric Wizard - Dopethrone


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