A brutal and heartless man returns to his house after a midnight rendezvous to find his apartment ransacked and his girlfriend missing. Assuming she’s been kidnapped, he quickly investigates the scene. Multiple clues lead him on a hunt across the city in a race to find the perpetrators who kidnapped his girlfriend.

Cast: József Wunderlich, Tímea Fülöp, Blanka Mészáros, Attila Juhász, Zsolt Kárpáti
Director: Jaro Mayda III
Executive Producer: Audio Love Nation
Writers: Jaro Mayda III, Hunter Hadfield
Director of Photography: Hunter Hadfield
Editors: Hunter Hadfield, Jaro Mayda III
Music: ‘Web of Truth’ by Audio Love Nation
Assistant Director: Zsolt Kárpáti
Casting Director: Zsófi Geréb
Costume Designer: Nora Láng
Make Up Artist: Valéria Vinzce
Hair Stylist: Martin Kovács
Gaffers: Adam Kovacsics, Viktor Hegyessy
Prop Master: Iván Mándi


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