This is a short video of a trip to the North West of Scotland with ‘the Doctor’, setting off from Glasgae and taking in Ardnamurchan, Kishorn, Torridon and Gairloch. We bouldered a couple of days in Torridon but it was hot! Too hot and also quite midge... So we went fishing, mountain biked, went swimming, canoed, and sport(s) climbed to fill the time. In terms of the bouldering, it’s the best I have experienced in Scotland - there are numerous 3 star problems of different styles and I’m sure there is room for more. The location and setting is stunning with Liathech on one side and Loch Torridon on the other. A trip back in winter when the weather is cooler is definitely in order!

Highly recommend doing one (or more) of the mountain biking tracks on offer, although if you plan on doing the classic loop ensure you take adequate water and take more than a chocolate bar and some jazzy boos with you as it takes about 9hrs!



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