Here we are.
We. The rebels.
The creative force that terrorizes the industry.
We're digital, fast, intense as fuck.
We're madness. The insanity of the restless.
We're the brief stupidity. And that's fine. Because we're the good guys being stupid.
We're the troublemakers of forever, but now armed with information and trained by consistency.
We're the ones making what we love. And that's why we do it hard.
Yes. That's us. That's you, me and them too.
We're everywhere. Connected.
Creating and conceiving in real-time a new definition of what's global, and what's local.
We are the protagonists of the new music industry era.

Somos nós.
Somos NAS.


// generated by ZERO.

Director: Mauricio Thomsen, Eduardo Brandalise, Raoni Moretto
Cinematographer: Mauricio Thomsen
Editor: Mauricio Thomsen
Colorist: Mauricio Thomsen
Executive Producer: Eduardo Brandalise, Raoni Moretto
Producer: Rodrigo Mota, Gustavo Mota
Voiceover: Mauricio Brandes
Motion Graphics: Rafaella Pioto
Title Design: Andre Mosquito
Sound Mixer: José Augusto Castelan

Soundtrack: Castelan & Sants - nag champa (Manifesto Edit)


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