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Official music video for Domino's new single "Caravan".

A Young Black Youth Production

Director/Producer - Nima Nabili Rad
Co-Producers - Jessica Holburn, Emma McGavisk
Band Footage Director - Jessica Holburn
Director of Photography - Nima Nabili Rad
Editor/ Colorist - Nima Nabili Rad
Focus Puller - David Tang
Camera assistant - Michael Tessari
Band cinematography - Adam Callen
Hair & Makeup - Anita Rutter, Yassmin Abdo
Production Design - Justin Pollheim
Standby wardrobe/props - Tori Wendt
BTS photography - Tori Wendt

CAST: Hannah Taylor, Jessie Hansen, Scott Perry, Alec Hall, Philippa Katherine Ewens, Jamie Lee Taylor, Samuel Thomas, Marty Foster, Erin Jane, Kane Mobbs, Sebastian Crisafi, Hudson Yeo, Lucabelle Nou, Charlotte Rivers, Leah Michele

j vimeo.com/80978964

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