Playing around with my home made Gopro pole mount during a frigid January swim. Yes, this seems stupid, but when you have the jones to swim it's time to decide if you really want it. I want to feel the icy burn slowly fade to a dull ache. My breath comes in short gasps, unable to dive for long in these temps. It's cold.
This section of river is fantastic. An underwater sandstone canyon filled with granite boulders, this stretch is both deep and fast and usually is too swift to safely swim until late summer's low water. Otter and mink tracks lined the banks, reminding me that the river's residents are awake if you pay attention. These underwater sights are lost on most, but not today. This video was shot using the Group B distributing gopro housing.
Music: "Naughtic Dub" by ) Thanks for the use of your music!
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