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Gina and Gary celebrated their marriage with a host of family, friends, and some interesting creatures on a private island just off of Aruba.

Their ceremony was held in a small, colorful Catholic church, followed by a private reception on Iguana and Flamingo Beach (yes, there really were iguanas and flamingos hanging around!).

While the island was certainly a character in itself, the interactions between people throughout the day are what took center stage. We actually got to know Gina and Gary with a little help from their friends–whether through speeches, witnessing the groomsmen trade Star Wars and Marvel references with the groom, or seeing the bridesmaids’ reaction to their gifts, we were able to get a glimpse into why Gina and Gary are so well loved by the people that surrounded them.

Check out our full blog post here: chrisandoliver.com/blog/2012/11/15/flamingos-iguanas-explosions-in-the-sky-gina-gary/

j vimeo.com/53132920

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