Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Videos

The artist, Jean Antony Russeau is documented for his latest show in honour of his deceased and brilliant artist brother, Vincent Romain Russeau. Jean has been in search for inspiration from various lovers/muses in his quest to live up to his brother's accomplishments. Can he overcome all odds to find peace and brilliance, or will he fail miserably?

Director/DP: Brock Pennie
Written by: Evan C. Schulte, Brock Pennie & Kat Karpoff
Cast: Evan C. Schulte, Adam Tamer, Kat Karpoff, Wayne Kaski
Original Music by: Wayne Kaski & Evan C. Schulte
Special thanks to: Melissa R. Ilagan

This was made in only 51 hours for the Producer's Guild of America Weekend Shorts Contest.

Shot on the Canon Rebel T2i.


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