Good, True & Beautiful

I finally got my Panasonic DMC-GH2 a few days ago. I've been dying to give it a go the past few days but the weather has been absolutely miserable here in the bay area. Anyway, today I decided I was going to go out and shoot with it rain or shine and here it is.


The camera is very light and compact. It feels durable but no where near the professional bodies of my 5D Mark II and 7D. It startled to drizzle at the end of the shoot so I decided to pack up and leave. If I was shooting with my weather-sealed 7D, I probably would have stayed until the sun went down.

Image quality is impressive. It is sharper than any of my Canon DSLRs and has a nice natural colors out of the camera. I was using the 14-140mm kit lens and got very sharp images from 14mm to about 120mm. It did start to soften above that. I was happy to see that there was no moire in the very detailed areas but was slightly disappointed with the micro jello when shooting at 140mm.

Overall I'm very happy with the camera and looking forward to pushing it to its limits in future projects.


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