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Brief Storyline:
A boy who is almost to the age of losing his innocence, stumbles upon something incredible in the forest. While observing his surroundings, he quickly discovers he is not alone. The presence that is with him creates a new outlook on life. He is asked to keep it forever.

A little about the film:
I wanted my first short film as a writer to be based upon an actual time in my childhood. Obviously the story within this film is an extreme exaggeration of the inspiration, but I wanted to show how some children have a strong spiritual connection that is eventually worn away as they get older. I had the chance to go a super ambiguous and poetic route, but chose to keep it simple and still try to shoot it beautifully. The film was completed in November of 2012 and is finally on Vimeo! - Jordan

- 2012 South Texas Cinematheque (Opened for Joe Swanberg's 'All The Light In The Sky')
- The Moxie Theater, Springfield Missouri
- 2013 SAMC Award (School of Art, Music, and Communication) for Best Narrative

Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by - Jordan Essary
Assistant Director, Audio Grip, and Music Composed by - James Rubin
Set Design & Construction by - Patrick Witt, Guy Essary
Locations Provided by - Ken & Barb Johnson, and the Stephens Family

William - Drake Stephens
Girl - Anna Epps
Mom - Angela Stephens (SAG-AFTRA)

Special Thanks:
Ken & Cindy Essary
Lauren & Chase Wilson
Jessica & Sean Babineau
Tracey Williams
Terri & Martin Johnson
Brenda Essary
Teresa Witt
Wendy & Wayne Bond
Matthew Scherer
Megan Bercaw
Edward Tyndall
Melissa & Glen Williams
Julia Epps
Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi
Lens Rentals
The Springfield Little Theater



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