Pole Dance

Dir: Vladimir Inek
Camera: Jan Přehnal Baterka
Postprod: Jan Přehnal Baterka, Vladimir Inek
Music: VR/NOBODY - Gone
The Girl: Kamila Urbanová
Owls provided by: ZAYFERUS
Other animals provided by: Zoo Brno

Special Thanks: Kamila Urbanová, Jaroslav Robert, Zbyněk Dvořáček, Dana Dostalíková, Petr Pichal, Alena Štěpánová, Samodiva, Decadance Studio, Zayferus.cz, Zoo Brno, VR/NOBODY

Short film about a girl and her reclusive ritual in the middle of the forest and swamps.
Film about owls, wild animals and strange feeling of separation.

j vimeo.com/89684585

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