Seattle Film

"This Land Is Your Land" by Jars of Clay. Download it here for free - or tip if you appreciate artists:

The day we left for our trip, I decided to buy a Super 8 camera and some film. And this is how I remember our trip - not the way it looks in our digital photos and videos. I'm hoping to do this for future trips although I'll be more creative next time. Waving at the camera, taking photos on camera, pointing at one's beverage, and looking surly do not making for interesting viewing. The Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite National Park, however, are very photogenic and never look dull.

We all had Columbus Day off in October 2011 so we decided to take a trip to Northern California and go along the Oregon Coast and cram in as much as possible into the holiday weekend. We drove through the night and slept in shifts.

A total of 3 rolls or 12 minutes of film were shot - 9 minutes of which were color. This was my first time shooting color Super 8 and I'm pretty happy with the results. Everything was shot in camera. The only effect I used was overlaying our names and I think I played with the timing on a couple snippets.


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