Hyker's Favorites

Here we offer the entire burn of the man 23 minutes, uncut in real time. The man on top was 45 feet tall and the space ship was 145 feet wide. This happened in Black Rick City, Nv. August 24th before 68000 burners. I was on the top of a Mutant Vehicle "Sinking Titanic" with lots of people jumping around, thus the camera shakes. We posted a 2D version for flatlanders among you.
We were an official media crew and hoped to shoot some of the best 3D at the BM event. Then a crew from France showed up with 3D Imax setup in a RC blimp. You may see it in some of the clips.
I used a Panasonic Z10000 with Cyclopital Attachment for the shoot, it was attached to the "Titanic" on a mono pod via bungees. Kindly leave a comment, enjoy, thanks

j vimeo.com/75691385

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