Panasonic ag-af101

When on a recent shoot in Shanghai I popped into the Arts Department at the University to grab some shots for another project we are working on. I only had an hour there! Here is a very short montage of some of the footage I gathered. As always very happy with the footage, esp when you consider how easy it is to pop this little diamond into your rucksack! These are my settings (which I always use now):
Contrast: -5
Sharpness: -2
Saturation: -5
Noise Reduction: 0
Recording at MOV 1920x1080 - 25p - 50 mbps

The one thing the GH3 does is have very deep blacks, even when you try to ‘up’ them in the settings by keeping the CONTRAST at -5, but there’s not a great deal you can do about this. My advice is you are better over exposing slightly as It’s easy to bring the levels back ’down’ – as opposed to having to ’lift’ them. It's amazing what information is stored in the picture on this camera, bring the highlights down in edit, and bring back all the detail!

It's such a super little camera, and a must have for any cameraman.


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