Creative Commons Licensed Clips

band: Tinsmith
Rowan Corbett (guitar, bouzouki, bones, djembe)
Brooke Parkhurst (banjo, Irish flue, tinwhistles),
Henry Cross (bass)


location: 333 Coffeehouse, Annapolis, MD (

performance date: 2012-12-14

All music and lyrics by Tinsmith. Posted by permission of Tinsmith. This video is licensed cc-by-sa, but all music rights belong to Tinsmith.

Besides their website, here are other links for their music:
The mp3 tunes on their albums Jigsaw (2002) and Here Be Dragons (1999) are available from, as well as on itunes. See their website for their more recent albums.

video and editing: me, using AF100, TM700, and FCPX


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