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From 27 Dec. 2010. -- 1 Jan. 2011. The fourth European Buddhist Youth Festival in Hotel Schloss Heinsheim (Germany). During the last three years hundreds of people have come from over 20 countries representing all sort of Buddhist traditions, also young people interested in meditation or contemplative arts.

Everyone from 16-30s is welcome and invited!

The general theme of the gathering is Peace within, peace in the world. Within this theme there are several topics which we will explore through guest speakers, workshops, and discussions.

Buddhism. What does it mean to be a young Buddhist in today's world and how can we practically apply the teachings to our daily lives.

Social Engagement. Exploring the many ways in which we can benefit our world - alleviating the suffering of others, addressing environmental concerns.

Dharma Art. We will explore how meditation can influence us as artists. Discussion and practices of art such as dance, painting, music, and calligraphy.

Meditative Practices, Group meditation twice per day, yoga, contemplation, running. Meditation room open all day for those who would like a deeper practice.

Community. Meet other young like-minded people from all over the world. Share experiences, have fun, meditate, discuss, eat, drink and celebrate the New Year together!

Costs: 240 euro. This covers five nights in the 4-star hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, a New Years Eve Banquet and Dance Party, as well as the entire festival programme! Discounts available for those who cannot pay the full price.

For more information and registration: buddhistyouthproject.org

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The EveryBodhi Project
c/o Shambhala Europe
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Buddhist Youth Festival 2009 in Shambhala Times. To read the article written by Sebastian, click this link-

Photo Album Best of Buddhist Youth Festival 2007 picasaweb.google.com/shambhala.europe.families/BestOfBYF2007#

Watch the full 30 minute documentary of Buddhist Youth Festival 2007 at bodhitv.nl/bodhitv/every-moment-is-young/

Hotel Schloss Heinsheim.
Gundelsheimer Strasse 36
74906 Bad Rappenau - Deutschland
Tel +49 (0)7264 95030
Fax +49 (0)7264 4208

Every Moment is Young is de eerste lange documentaire die speciaal is gemaakt voor Bodhitv. Regisseur Emil van Zuylen (33) filmde hiervoor bij het Buddhist Youth Festival, dat eind 2007 in Duitsland plaatsvond. Wat drijft jongeren om dagelijks te mediteren? Wat voor invloed heeft de beoefening en de boeddhistische filosofie op hun leven?
Regie: Emil van Zuylen.
Camera: Adrian Ciocoiu .
Sound Mix: Studio Klink .
Commissioning Editor: Babeth M. VanLoo
From bodhitv.nl/bodhitv/every-moment-is-young/

j vimeo.com/16226815

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