Travel Logs - Japan

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During the last weekend that Mount Fuji is opened to the public we decided to climb it with a group of friends. We started the climb at 16.00 to eventually reach the top (about 3,700m High) at 03.30 at night to see the sunrise.

We did not book any place to sleep, but we just took our time to get to the top. Taking a lot of breaks because the higher you get the less oxygen there is and the colder it gets.

Going through a lot of difficult moments, consisting out of fatigue, shortage of oxygen and height sickness we made it to the top, to witness the sunrise.

As I was the one with the most severe case of height sickness (at the top) I was not able to see or video the sunrise so a special thanks goes out to Manuel Vivo for taping that :)

Music: Digitalism - Pogo


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