In 2003 it seemed clear many important voices and points of view on how to handle our global crisis, especially that of "terrorism" were not being given space in our media. To say the least, the public conversation was very constricted in our main media. There were seasoned, experienced people who knew other effective and often proven pathways to cooperation, building a global coalition and team that were quite simply, ignored. This was a modest attempt to listen to a few from around the globe at the time.
It was called "Dialogues, Part One" because part two was hoping for an extension and broadening of the conversation, much of which is still awaiting us. The work lends encouragement, supports trust and cooperation, and believes deeply we can always decide to move toward a better world for all humanity.

Completed in 2004. The work won "Best Political Documentary" in The New York Independent Film and Video Festival.
Please visit: for more information, synopsis, a teaching guide, who's who, technical info, etc.
102 minutes long.
It can be watched in segments.


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