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Spun malevolently through the acoustic-nursery-goth of the song “Teddy”, Dr Glam presents his dark-and-dangerous alter-ego, Thaddius Grime. Thaddius and his evil Koala bear, Teddy, are a loathsome conspiratorial duo who survive by feasting on the flesh of children. When darkness falls in the remote wilderness areas of Australasia, Thaddius and Teddy are attracted to the lights of isolated homesteads, entrapping their prey through a plan that is both sickeningly devious and abhorrently cunning. The current victim of the devilish pair - a troubled boy frozen by fear - can only watch in abject horror as his loving mother unwittingly leaves him to the not-so-tender clutches of his worst nightmare-come-true. Look out . . . because TEDDY IS HUNGRY TONIGHT!


Music and Lyrics by Dr. Glam

Video by Bernie Rao

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