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Eros Ramazzotti - Nostalsong (Spanish version)
Wonderful World
English lyrics:
It’s like that
After the days dropped from hand you’re here
And there’s nothing to forgive you
Me too I wo’n’t be no more
It’s like that
That’s not the case that we meet again here
It’s a special evening party
And you couldn’t be absent
Under the heap of stars
The script that is here
Would be perfect with you
Hi how’s it going
Fine with nostalgy
And you already know mine

I remember an episode
Of that roman summer
That never came back
Hi how’s it going
Fine with nostalgy
But you don’t go away yet
Let’s go around a bit
Of this moon
Let’s look for adventure till there
Let’s look for it if there’s any
One more again
Because this I’m not sure what will be enough
I’d like to restart
Once again
And with you again
But there isn’t really any courage of doing it
Dance like that
Never stop
You dance like that as you know
It’s the blow of nostalsong
Dance like that
Never stop
And I’ll dance with you
I love you babe, te quiero mucho.
(Thank you to zaza77 for translation )


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