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Mireille Mathieu - Une histoire d'amour (Love story)
Wonderful World - Flowers
English lyrics:
A love story
In which every single day becomes for us the last day,
In which one can say “see you tomorrow” to one’s love
And one is there very close to watch
How one’s life is dying.
A love story
In which for the two of us the word always seems too short,
You see, even if we no longer have much time left,
No, my love, you should’t, you don’t have to
Cry for me,
Don’t tell me “Goodbye”,
I’ll close my eyes,
Come near me,
And hold me in your arms,
Let’s stay together,
Hold me tight,
You see, I think my life is fading away,
Tell me “I love you”!
A love story
Is the song of the ocean in the summer nights,
A memory that will last for eternity
For me, tonight my life is passing away but our love
Won’t end.
A love story,
This can’t really die in only one day,
Don’t let your heart mourn by living alone,
You have to see other skies, other suns,
Don’t cry!
(Thank to to licorna.din.vis for translation )


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